The Association for Cross-Cultural Experimental Economic Research (ACCER) was founded by a group of researchers who are engaged in cross-cultural and inter-cultural empirical research in economics primarily by applying experimental methodology.

By establishing a network of scholars working in this field, ACCER aims at encouraging and supporting a lively academic exchange to enhance intercultural understanding and deal with intercultural differences.

The founders of ACCER have more than 10 years of experience in cross-cultural and intercultural experimental economics research between Germany, China, Israel, Palestine, Finland, Norway, Korea, and Argentina.

Our goal is to promote cross-cultural and inter-cultural experimental economic research to initiate and enhance intercultural communication, awareness and exchange.

We put this objective into practice by
  1. Creating, maintaining and extending a network of scholars to... [more]
  2. Organizing workshops, conferences, and summer schools to... [more]
  3. Promoting the exchange of researchers on all levels -
    senior and junior staff, PhD students to... [more]
  4. Tackling research questions of practical and political relevance by... [more]

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